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A journey through eras of science and technology history that changed the world.

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It is extraordinary, sometimes even unbelievable to think about the achievments and ideas humans were able to bring into and to the world over the past 6.000 years. Many of those ideas changed the world and society, some deserving to be called groundbreaking. The Millennium Tower tells the story of science and technology, from ancient history up until today’s time. It is our history and story – and every chapter within it is worth marveling at.

Level 1

From ancient history, across antiquity, to 500 A.D.

LEVEL 1 - From ancient history, across antiquity, to 500 AD

The cradle of civilization

You will be astonished upon entering the dome-hall. With a hight of 20 meters it is the largest open space inside the tower. In its center the Foucault-Pendulum awaits you. It delivers the most well known prove of earth‘s rotation around its own axis.

Exhibit digest

  • Foucault Pendulum
  • Archimedean Screw with Treadwheel
  • Automatic Dooropener after Heron
  • Treasure House of Athena with Soundmachine
  • Historic Egyptian Nil-Ship
  • Roman House

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Level 2

Middle Ages: The Dark Age? 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D.

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LEVEL 2 - 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D.

Astounding achievements in an underrated epoch

This era is commonly referred to as dark age, suggesting its people’s focuse lay on war and battle, rather than on science and research. Inside the Millenium Tower, this presumption gets disproven. Around the year 1000 A.D. especially the Persian and Arabic world was a center for research and science. But also in Europe noteworthy inventions and discoveries happened.

Exhibit Digest

  • Inclined Plateau with Barrel
  • Waterwheel and Piston Pump
  • Scoop Wheel and Whim
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Arab World and The Game of Chess

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Level 3

Early Modern Age: Era of Renaissance 1500-1650 A.D.

Level 3 - Early Modern Age: Era of Renaissance 1500-1650 AD

The era of knowledge and realization

With the beginning of the early modern age – also known as renaissance – the pursuit of knowledge and progress are shifting back into focus. Especially philosophers and naturalists like Leonardo da Vinci or Martin Luther shape this time. The persuit of knowledge overcame the dogmas and modes of thought. With this the antiquated opinions of mighty rulers of the church had to be overturned.

Exhibit Digest

  • Heliocentrical – Geocentrical Worldviews with Planetarium after Brunhold
  • Fulcrum Shaft Inhibition Mechanism with Flat Spring Propulsion after Leonardo da Vinci
  • Flying Machine from wood and textil after Leonardo da Vinci
  • Otto von Guericke experiments: Vacuum Double Piston Pump, Dasymeter and Magdeburg Hemispheres
  • Alchemistic Workshop and Kitchen

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Level 4

A new age commences – 1650 to 1850 A.D.

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LEVEL 4 - A new age commences – 1650 to 1850 A.D.

The emergence of classic Science

The forth level addresses the early stages of different areas of science, from medicine to physics. A replica of the famous Hevelius-Telescope lets you view the clock of the Magdeburg Cathedral. You can also find a model of the first microscope. Experiments on human perception will make you gasp, for example the „Crooked Room“ lets people shrink and grow infront of your eyes.

Exhibit Digest

  • Kaliapparat after Justus von Liebig
  • Plague Coffin from 16th century Switzerland
  • Glass Prism for white-light spectral decomposition after Isaac Newton
  • Ames Room, „Crooked Room“
  • Water Reflection Tub

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Level 4.1 - 5

From 1750 A.D. until today

LEVEL 4.1 - 5 - From 1750 AD until today

The advance towards the microcosm and questions for the future

The three smaller secions of 4.1 address electricity, magnetism and astronomy. Also the Theory of Relativity is explained in a way everybody will understand.

Climb up to the fifth level to learn more about current research projects of different scientific institutions in Magdeburg, as well as the Otto-von-Guericke University. Here you can already gather information on things that will define the future. You can reflect on what you have learned during your visit and how far humanity has come up to this point.


  • Elektrizität & Magnetismus
  • Blitzentladung
  • Röntgenröhre
  • Dampfhochdruckwasserpumpe
  • Galaxiehaufen

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Level 6

What a View! Discover new horizons.


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